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Opportunities for Students

Sometimes I receive notices about opportunities for (usually undergraduate) students: internships, jobs, etc. that (almost always) are related to politics in some capacity.

Below I try to keep a running list of any opportunity I come across. I try my best to keep this up-to-date but deadlines come and go faster than I can update this page. I do not personally vouch for any of these organizations or campaigns. I am simply listing any opportunity for students that crosses my desk.

If something appeals to you, please apply! (As Gretzky is alleged to have said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!)

  • The Pew Research Center, a non-partisan research organization, is hiring several different entry-level positions, including Social Media Assistant, Communications Assistant, and Research Assistant. More here.
  • Advocacy Corps is a program that trains student to mobilize and lobby Congress regarding gun violence protection. More here.
  • The Arizona Democratic Party is “currently recruiting students for Organizing Corps 2020, an eight-week paid program to recruit and train the next generation of campaign organizers in Arizona.” More here.
  • Steve Farley’s Campaign for Tucson Mayor is hiring interns. More here.
  • “The Democracy Matters Institute” says that it is ” a non-partisan, non-profit student organization offering a paid internship in “Organizing for Reform” to an undergraduate student on your campus beginning in the fall semester, 2019.” More here.
  • “Just Foreign Policy” is ” offering competitive summer & academic term fellowships to undergraduate students and recent graduates interested in advocacy and U.S. foreign policy.” More here.
  • “Impact” says it is offering “a great full-time opportunity for college graduates who want to organize to make a difference on the most important environmental and public interest issues happening in the country today.” More here.
  • “Up to Us” which calls itself a ” nonpartisan leadership program where student teams design activities to engage their peers on complex topics, including fiscal policy and the national debt” invites students with good ideas to compete for $1000. More here.